15 Best Low Calorie Dunkin Drinks in 2023

If you enjoy Dunkin Donuts but are attempting to keep a healthy diet, low-calorie Dunkin drinks are the best drinks to order.

It’s great to see Dunkin pushing for healthier choices for its customers.

Plant-based milk alternatives and sugar-free flavor shots may now be found on their menu, which is fantastic.

What Are The Best Low Calorie Dunkin Drinks?

Your favorite Dunkin beverage should have no more than 100 calories and a low sugar content.

The following Dunkin beverages are lower in calories than what you would find at popular coffee shops.

Cappuccino With Skim Milk

For just 70 calories, you can enjoy a medium skim milk cappuccino with a creamy, frothy texture. Here, the decadence would come from a French Vanilla shot, which is far more delicious than the original.

Sweet Low Calorie Dunkin Donuts Drink- Toasted Almond Cold Brew

For just 15 calories, a shot of toasted almond is the ideal way to sweeten up your iced cold brew. The toasty flavor complements the coffee’s taste beautifully.

Raspberry Iced Tea

You can get a 20-calorie sugar-free raspberry iced tea at Dunkin by ordering unsweetened iced tea with a raspberry shot. The flavor shot adds just the right amount of fruity tartness without being overly sweet.

You can get a similar, low calorie drink at Dutch Bros as well.

Plain Iced Coffee

It has only 5 calories per cup and can be sweetened with flavor shots for a total of 20 calories.

Sweet Coconut Iced Coffee

It’s deliciously creamy and sweet, with only about 30 calories per cup. Order iced coffee with coconut milk and a coconut shot to make this coconut-ty chilly coffee drink.

Double Coconut Iced Macchiato

Dunkin recently debuted a double coconut iced macchiato that’s insanely delicious and surprisingly low in calories. In fact, a medium has only 45 calories.

Iced Americano

If you like the taste of espresso rather than regular coffee, try an iced americano. It has about 5 calories and may always be enhanced with a splash of skim milk, oat milk, or almond milk and a flavor shot, just as with the iced coffee.

Iced Macchiato With Skim Milk

When ordering a skim milk macchiato, be specific about wanting no flavor swirl. This beverage has only 70 calories in total.

Unsweetened Hot Macchiato With Oat Milk

The delicious and warming flavor of oat milk is an ideal match for Dunkin’s hot macchiato’s double shot of espresso. However, a medium drink has a total of 90 calories.

Iced Coffee With Skim Milk

You may use skim milk in place of whole milk to acquire your usual creamy iced coffee. A small drink has only about 20 calories and can be flavored with any sugar-free flavor shot for an extra 15 calories.

Cappuccino With Whole Milk

If you miss the flavor of rich, creamy whole milk in your Dunkin beverages, try ordering a cappuccino with whole milk for about 70 calories.

Iced Cappuccino With Skim Milk

The calorie count of an iced skim milk cappuccino is likewise very low, at just 70 for a medium drink. So you may enjoy this milky beverage guilt-free.

Skim Milk Latte With French Vanilla

Because of the milk, a latte is one of the most calorie-dense beverages at Dunkin. If you want to get the greatest latte experience without sacrificing taste, go for a small latte with skim milk and French vanilla for around 82 calories.

Iced Coffee With Oat Milk

Try a medium iced coffee with oat milk for a vegan-friendly and creamy iced coffee. It will have only 30 calories if ordered in this way.

Almond Milk Iced Latte With Toasted Almond

The double almond latte is made by combining an unsweetened latte with almond milk and a shot of toasted almond. It’s a sweet and creamy drink that has 90 calories per medium-sized serving.

What Is the Lowest Calorie Dunkin Donuts Drink?

If you want to sip a low-calorie coffee beverage, go for a hot or iced latte lite, which includes skim milk and no calorie syrups. A hot or cold brew coffee with skim milk or any other type of coffee with skim milk.

A low-fat drink with a touch of cream is delicious, but it’s also higher in calories than skim milk. Add a French Vanilla, Toasted Almond, Hazelnut, Blueberry, Raspberry or Coconut flavor shot to make it taste extra good (5-20 calories per cup depending on the beverage size).

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