8 Best Italian Coffee Brands (That You Should Try!)

In this blog post, we will discuss 8 of the best Italian coffee brands.

These brands are known for their high-quality coffee beans and delicious flavor profiles.

Whether you’re a fan of espresso or cappuccino, we have the perfect brand for you!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our rundown of the best Italian coffee brands out there.

What Are The Best Italian Coffee Brands?

Here are the 8 best Italian coffee brands to try:

1. Lavazza

Family-owned since 1895, Lavazza is one of Italy’s oldest and most well-known coffee companies. It sells a range of blends that are sure to please all kinds of taste buds. Their iconic “Crema e Gusto” blend has a creamy texture and intense flavor.

Many coffee drinkers prefer light, not very intense blends. In response to these requests, Lavazza has created one of the best decaffeinated coffees on the market: Lavazza Dek Classico. This blend is recommended for its ability to preserve organoleptic characteristics – something that other decaffeinated products cannot boast.

2. Illy

Illy produces a wide variety of espresso blends and is known for its delicious flavor profiles. Their signature “Espresso Classico” blend has an intense aroma with notes of chocolate and spice.

Illy launched a variety of blends recently, including the popular “Decaffeinato” and the innovative “Arpeggio,” which is a unique blend of Brazilian, Indian and Costa Rican beans.

3. Caffè Kimbo

Kimbo is one of Italy’s leading coffee companies and has been around since 1963. Their specialty blends are known for their sweet aroma and intense flavor. Their most popular blend, “Espresso Napoletano,” is a classic Italian espresso with a strong, full-bodied taste.

4. Caffè Carraro

Carraro is an Italian brand that has been around since 1927. They offer a variety of espresso blends and whole bean coffees, like their popular “Montebianco” blend, which has notes of dark chocolate and caramel.

5. Caffè Splendid

Splendid’s most recent coffee versions include “Classic,” “Rich,” and   “Gold 100% Arabica Sustainable Development.” Throughout the years, Splendid has mainly specialized in coffee pods and compatible capsules, as well as soluble cappuccino versions. The Nespresso-compatible espresso capsules have become one of the company’s bestsellers because customers love the intense aroma and taste that rivals similar Nespresso pods.

6. Pellini

Pellini is an Italian company started by a family who wanted to share their country’s espresso culture with the rest of the world. If you want to feel like you’re in Italy without leaving your home, brew some coffee with these beans and drink up. Their Pellini No.82 blend is one of the most popular espresso blends out there.

7. Segafredo Zanetti

Segafredo Zanetti is a renowned Italian brand whose products are found in coffee shops, restaurants and homes across the globe. They offer a range of high-quality beans, from mild to intense flavors. The Segafredo Espresso Casa blend is an intense espresso with notes of caramel and chocolate.

Segafredo Zanetti was created by Massimo Zanetti with the intent of it becoming a leading brand in Italy, and eventually expanding to other countries. Other companies try to mass-produce branded coffee, but Segafredo makes an effort to allocate time and resources into promoting coffee culture around the world. As a result, they have turned into a multinational company that now owns various household brands.

8. Caffè Corsini

Caffè Corsini was established in 1950 by Corsino Corsini, originally as a small grocery store in Arezzo, Tuscany. Nowadays, it is one of the most well-known coffee roasters in all of Italy and can be found in over 60 countries worldwide. The company takes sustainability seriously, always striving to reduce its environmental impact through initiatives like using renewable energies.

Cafè Corsini’s “Arabica” blend is a rich and flavorful espresso with hints of chocolate, hazelnut and apricot. It has become one of the company’s most beloved coffees, available in both whole bean and ground versions.

These are just a few of the best Italian coffee brands that offer the highest quality products and unique flavors. If you want to experience the authentic Italian coffee culture, try one of these delicious blends for yourself!

The next time you’re in Italy, be sure to stock up on some of these amazing coffee brands so that you can bring a little bit of Italy back home with you.

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