Long Shot Vs Ristretto (Full 2022 Breakdown)

Coffee is perhaps one of the best drinks that can help you boost your energy, no matter what time of the day it is. The great thing is that there are many varieties you can choose from and enjoy.

Out of all the coffee varieties, ristretto and long shot can be found somewhere in the middle in terms of popularity. People do know about them, but most of them even be able to tell the difference.

So, if you are confused with ristretto vs. long shot, you have come to the right place.

Here is a complete guide that will help you understand the difference between them.

What You Must Know About Ristretto

When you translate the word ristretto into English, you will find that it means narrow or restricted. However, it is used to describe a caffeinated beverage that many people love. The defining feature of a ristretto is that it has a short extraction time and a small amount of water in the coffee.

When making a ristretto, the extraction will be stopped at fifteen seconds. Most people will serve you a ristretto in a demitasse cup, which is a cup with a volume of 90ml. Of course, many people wish that ristretto was made in a bigger cup so that they could enjoy the taste of coffee even more.

What You Must Know About Long Shot

The long shot is also known as Lungo in Italian and is one of the top methods to extract coffee from ground beans while utilizing an espresso machine. You will notice that the long shot tastes a lot like a regular espresso shot, but the quantity is large.

That is because the process involves changing the quantity of water that you would typically use while making espresso. As a result, you will get more coffee, caffeine, and some great notes of the concentrated coffee flavor.

Ristretto Vs. Long Shot: What Are The Main Differences

Now that you know what ristretto and long shot are, here are the main differences between these coffee methods:

1. Volume Of Water

One of the key differences you will find between the ristretto and long shot is the volume of water. That is because ristretto is made using half the water of a single shot espresso, which will be around 15ml.  On the other hand, long shot uses at least three times the water used in a ristretto.

This means that a long shot is made using around 45ml of water. Because of this, you will find that long shot coffees are much larger and they are served in bigger glasses. A ristretto is more of a shot that is served in a small cup.

2. Aroma

The smell and aroma of the coffee will also determine what it is. A coffee connoisseur will detect the aroma from afar and understand what coffee they are getting. You will find that ristretto has an incredibly fragrant aroma.

That is because the coffee is sweet, fruity, and concentrated, which is why you might want to take a deep inhale as you sip. On the other hand, the long shot has a smokier aroma and a dark flavor profile that you might love. So, if you want fruity and floral notes, ristretto is the choice, but if you want something darker than long shot is ideal.

3.  Crema

Long shots have more crema than ristretto. However, this type of coffee has a lot of water, which is why you will find that the crema is not too noticeable. Because of this, people think that a ristretto has a thicker crema layer.

On the other hand, ristretto’s crema layer is much thinner. Of course, the coffee is much more concentrated, which is why you will love the thin layer. According to the crema layer, you can decide which coffee type you want.

4. Strong Flavor

You might also be wondering which coffee has a stronger flavor. However, defining the strength is not easy, because everyone attaches a different meaning to this word in terms of coffee. Generally, you will find that a ristretto has a much more concentrated flavor, along with more acidity and aroma.

On the other hand, you will find that a long shot is less concentrated. However, the coffee notes are much deeper and can offer you a stronger taste than the ristretto.

Of course, if you define the strength of the flavor using the caffeine content, then long shots will have much more caffeine than the ristretto coffee.

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