Golden Eagle By The Dutch Bros: The Only Coffee You Will Ever Need

The Dutch Bros have been in the coffee business for quite some time, and the people who have tried it never look back. That is because Golden Eagle Dutch Bros is one of their best coffees that will keep you sipping. So, if you are looking for a new coffee to try, you have come to the right place. Here is a complete guide to understanding the Golden Eagle by The Dutch Bros.

It is crucial to know what is inside the coffee before you purchase it.

The Golden Eagle by Dutch Bros includes caramel, vanilla, milk, coffee, and a caramel drizzle. Remember that if you don’t tell them the kind of milk you need, then the chain will use the standard breve mix.

The breve mix milk is similar to half and half. Such milk gives a rich and creamy texture to the coffee that will keep you coming back for more. You can also ask for a light drizzle or no drizzle, depending on the fact if you like caramel or not.

If you love caramel and vanilla in your coffee, you will appreciate the Golden Eagle. So, do give it a try the next time you visit The Dutch Bros.

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What Is The Nutrition Inside Different Golden Eagle Dutch Bro Cups?

Understanding calories and other nutritional facts are important to know what you are consuming and putting inside your body.

Dutch Bros offers three sizes for The Golden Eagle and other drinks. Each cup has a unique nutritional value.

We have explained each one in detail so that you can have an idea of what to expect:

Small Golden Eagle

Unfortunately, even a small cup has more than four hundred calories. Yes, you heard that right, as it is more than the calories you probably consume at lunch, and much more than their other low calorie drinks.

Besides that, the nutritional value includes:

  • Five grams of protein
  • Thirty-six grams of sugar
  • Fifty-one grams of carbs
  • And twenty grams of fat

If you are a health-conscious individual, then this coffee is not for you. Each cup contains significant calories that will take you a long time to burn later.

Medium Golden Eagle

The Medium Golden Eagle Dutch Bros has more than five hundred calories that you will consume. That is almost one meal and a snack, which is why it is crucial to be conscious of the size you plan on consuming. Other nutritional ingredients in the coffee include:

  • Nine grams of protein
  • Forty grams of sugar
  • Fifty-five grams of carbs
  • And thirty-two grams of fat

If you are trying Golden Eagle for the first time, you can opt for the small cup. It will help you know what the taste is like without compromising so many calories at once.

Large Golden Eagle

Of course, the Large Golden Eagle Dutch Bros has the highest calorie content you will find. The cup has more than six hundred calories, which is almost equal to having two full meals. Besides that, other nutrition contents you will find inside the drink include:

  • Eleven grams of protein
  • Forty-two grams of sugar
  • Fifty-seven grams of carbs
  • And thirty-eight grams of fat

It is best to avoid the large cup and stick to the medium or small one. That is because compromising so many calories for a coffee is not the ideal situation for anyone. You should get most of your calories and nutrition from whole foods rather than liquids.

How To Keep The Golden Eagle Calorie Intake Low?

The good thing is that you can lower this calorie intake by opting for healthier options. You can swap some ingredients for healthier ones to ensure that the calories remain low. For example, you can opt for half drizzle or no drizzle to save on the calories, as the calorie content we have mentioned above includes the breve mix milk and full caramel drizzle.

Another thing you can do is switch their standard milk and opt for nonfat milk or oat milk. These choices will significantly lower your calorie intake and ensure that you get delicious coffee without the added calories.

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