Top 6 Dutch Bros Keto Drinks

Many people are concerned with staying fit and losing weight to remain healthy in today's era. The pandemic has also made it necessary for some people to change their lifestyles. A keto diet is one of the top diets for those who want to lose weight. The diet enables you to consume low-carb food and drinks. Luckily, Dutch Bros offer a range of keto beverages to help you fulfill your cravings without affecting your lifestyle.

What Are The Best Dutch Bros Keto Drinks?

Here are the six best Dutch Bros keto drinks that you can enjoy on a diet:

1. Keto Americano

An Americano is the top keto-friendly drink you will encounter at Dutch Bros. The beverage is made of hot water and espresso to ensure zero carbs.

You can get it served hot or cold to enjoy the taste. No matter the condition, you don’t have to worry about your keto diet ruining because of having an Americano.

You can also customize the drink for a richer taste by getting heavy cream or half and half. Of course, you must ensure that the quantity does not exceed a limit.

Restricting the amount will ensure that your carb intake remains low while enjoying the drink. Alternatively, you can also get a sugar-free syrup addition for taste.

2. Iced Cold Brew

The Iced Cold Brew by Dutch Bros is made of coffee grounds and water. So you can rest assured that it will not have carbs. However, this may change if you get additional ingredients fused into the drink.

Some extras, such as sugar syrups, can increase the carb content significantly. Luckily, Dutch Bros offer sugar-free syrups for this drink too.

As per many customers, the best sugar-free flavor to get with Iced Cold Brew is White Mocha. The addition will improve the drink’s taste to ensure you get more than just cold black coffee.

You can also get whipped cream to enhance the fat content. With the addition of cream, the drink will include 3g of carbs, 1g of protein, and 12g of fat.

3. Toasted Cold Brew

Dutch Bros have two cold brew types to offer customers high flexibility. You can get the iced version if you prefer chilled beverages.

Meanwhile, the toasted version is steamed at the end to offer you a warm drink. The best part is that this is one of the best Dutch Bros keto drinks to get in winter.

This drink also has a richer coffee taste than the iced version. Heavy cream topping is also included in the purchase. You will receive 140 calories and 3g of carbs if you have the drink with cream. The barista can also avoid adding the cream if you tell them beforehand.

4. Original Nitro Cold Brew

The coffeehouse has multiple Nitro Cold Brews to help customers enjoy different flavors. However, not all of them are keto-friendly. So you must ensure that you’re getting the right drink.

On the menu, the Original Nitro Cold Brew is the only type that can be turned into keto-friendly through customization.

You must tell the barista to use sugar-free flavorings in your Original Nitro Cold Brew instead of the standard ones. This will reduce the carb content of the drink by 10g.

If you don’t tell these instructions to the barista, the beverage will have a relatively higher carb content than other Dutch Bros keto drinks.

5. Breve

Breve is a flavorful drink by Dutch Bros that includes a combination of the Kick Me Mix and espresso. The former is mainly half and a half to improve the drink’s flavor.

The beverage is a Dutch Bros classic making it a good choice for a keto diet. However, not all sizes and versions of this item are low-carb.

The best option for the keto diet is a small iced Breve. It is the only type that is under the 6g carbs limit.

If you get a medium or large cup, the carb content will be relatively higher and may affect your diet significantly if you have the drink daily.

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6. Canned Rebel

Rebel is another drink by Dutch Bros that come in multiple variants. You can recognize the beverage by the colorful shades. However, the fresh Rebels are not keto-friendly.

So you should avoid purchasing them. Instead, you will encounter canned varieties at select Dutch Bros locations.

The sugar-free canned Rebel is a keto-friendly drink you can purchase. You can identify the beverage easily as it’s the only one with a light blue exterior.

Sugar-free will also be written under Rebel on the can. This beverage contains only 2g of carbs and 10 calories. It is also more affordable than other Dutch Bros keto drinks.

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