Are you trying to watch your sugar intake, but you keep going into coffee chains and can't control your habit? Fortunately, such chains offer sugar-free flavors for you to enjoy. For example, Dunkin Donuts has many sugar-free flavors of drinks you will love. Here is everything you must know about Dunkin sugar-free flavors.

The Best Dunkin Sugar-Free Flavors

Dunkin has more than a few sugar-free flavors that you can enjoy. These drinks include various flavors and notes, such as nutty, fruity, and many others. Here are the top Dunkin sugar-free flavors you can opt for that you will love:

1. Caramel

Regular caramel is filled with calories and sugar that will keep you craving for more. On the other hand, if you opt for the Dunkin sugar-free flavor, it will save you from excessive sugar consumption. The best part is that the taste will be the same, which is why you will enjoy the smokiness and richness in your drink.

If you are looking to pair a drink with this flavor with another drink, then the Signature Iced Latte is your best bet. The coffee flavor will balance the caramel sweetness and give you the jolt you need without the added sugar.

2. French Vanilla

This is one of the most popular Dunkin sugar-free flavors that people opt for. It offers a fragrant yet sweet aroma, which is why it is a favorite among people. Many people also mix this flavor with other strong flavors and shots to make the drink even better.

After all, some people think that French Vanilla is boring, which is why they pair it up with other drinks. If you also think the same thing, you can pair this flavor with any iced latte by Dunkin. That is because the flavor mixes well with everything.

3. Raspberry

While Raspberry is not your standard coffee flavor, it is a flavor shot that you can opt for. It has an overwhelming berry flavor, and many people think it does not pair well with coffee. Because of this, they even avoid trying this flavor.

However, because this Dunkin sugar-free flavor is fruity, it is best that you don’t try it with any milk-based drink. However, you can pair this flavor well with black tea, iced tea, and much more.

4. Hazelnut

Hazelnut is also one of the most popular flavors that offer a nutty aroma and gives you the coffee taste you need. Besides that, many people also opt for this flavor because it reminds them of Nutella. Even people who are allergic to hazelnut can opt for this because it is free of allergens.

The great thing about Hazelnut is that it will pair well with any Dunkin iced or warm coffee. Besides that, it will also go great with Dunkin’s mochas. So, don’t forget to find your ideal pairing and enjoy this taste in no time.

5. Coconut

If you are looking for Dunkin sugar-free flavors that pair well with milk-based beverages, then don’t forget to try coconut. The flavor is rich, creamy, and will combine well with other flavors so that you can get a delicious drink in no time. Many people love to pair the coconut flavor with Coolatta.

The best time to try this flavor is when summers are around. Coconut tastes best with other summer flavors that will delight your taste buds.

6. Toasted Almond

If you like almonds, but you don’t want the flavor to be overwhelming, then toasted almond is the ideal choice. It is a nutty flavor that will easily blend well with most of the Dunkin coffees. Besides that, this sugar-free flavor will pair best with any milk-based coffee.

You can combine the toasted almond flavor shot with a mocha swirl for the best taste. Besides that, you can order French vanilla with this flavor and combine them in an iced coffee.

How Many Calories Are In A Dunkin Sugar-Free Flavor Shot?

You might be wondering how many calories you are consuming even without the sugar. Well, a single sugar-free shot contains two grams of carbs and fifteen calories. If you are on a low-carb diet and you don’t need much sugar, such as the Keto and Atkins diet, then these flavors are ideal for you.

You can enjoy these flavor shots in your coffee without feeling guilty about the calories or sugar intake. So, choose any of these flavors, depending on what you like, and enjoy the delicious taste it has to offer.

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