12 Awesome Dunkin Sugar Free Flavors to Try

If you're looking to cut down on your sugar intake, then Dunkin' Donuts' usual caramel swirl iced lattes will not be of any assistance.

Fortunately, at the Dunkin coffee shop, there are numerous sugar-free alternatives for you to to explore.

In this article, we would share with you our favorite Dunkin Donuts unsweetened flavors, which we urge you to try!

What Are The Best Dunkin Sugar Free Flavors?

The following list offers real insight into some of the greatest sugar-free Dunkin’ flavors available this year:

1. Black Coffee

When it comes to coffee, dark roast is always your lowest calorie option, whether hot or cold.

It has a low number of calories and no sugar, allowing you to add regular or non-dairy milk for only 20 to 30 calories more per cup depending on the size of the cup, as well as a sugar-free flavor shot.

2.  Iced Americano

This is a simple solution for people who want an iced coffee with more taste and less caffeine than what comes with drip coffee. Iced americanos are espresso shots topped with water, creating a brewed coffee-like drink but with a considerably more espresso-forward flavor.

3. Hazelnut Iced Coffee

You can enjoy this sugar-free flavor for its slight nuttiness, but you may vary the strength of the coffee according to your taste. The overall blend of ice and coconut milk makes Hazelnut Iced Coffee a decent choice.

4. Cold Brew – Best Unsweetened Dunkin Donuts Flavor

Cold brew is a wonderful low-calorie alternative for those who want to cut back, but adding milk and flavor shots can turn it into a more delicious beverage. 

Cold brew has less sugar than iced coffee because of its slower brewing process, which creates a minimally bitter, silky-smooth end product that allows you to use less milk.

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5. Nitro brew

Dunkin’ Donuts has a powerful nitro, which is somewhat bitter. If you don’t want the sugar or calories of additional milk, aren’t fond of coconut, or suffer from an allergy, this may be the drink for you. 

Add some heavy cream and a shot of sugar-free blueberry to your coffee if you want.

6. Coconut and Toasted almond iced coffee

Coconut and toasted almond tastes are free of sugar. However, the sugar-free coconut flavor has a stronger taste than toasted almond. If you enjoy the coconut taste, this is the drink for you.

7. Cappuccino

A cappuccino is a low-carb drink that provides real foam, even if the foam disappears quickly. This is a fantastic keto alternative since you can combine strong cream and this espresso to make a tasty dry cappuccino.

8. Oat milk latte

Oat milk is a vegan substitute that offers a toasted flavor without being overly sweet. Oat milk has the second lowest sugar content among plant-based milks. 

The oat milk latte’s simplicity and mild taste, thanks to the hint of roasted notes from the non-dairy milk, make it my recommendation for its sweetness.

9.Vanilla hazelnut iced coffee

The two flavors complement one another. The creamy sweetness of vanilla mixes with the nutty, roasted hazelnut in a bath of iced coffee with a splash of coconut milk. 

Of course, this would go well with heavy cream for Keto adherents or any other dairy you choose to use.

10. Iced Green Tea

Dunkin’ iced green tea is part of the brand’s solid core products, which offer a good balance of taste without all of the added sugar.

The delicate green tea is refreshing with a subtle flavor that doesn’t get watered down due to a little roasted taste at the end. This is an excellent choice for individuals who miss their refreshers.

11. Raspberry Black Iced Tea

This tea is prepared with the company’s original Dunkin’ Iced Tea mix, which is produced every day. The flavor of the black tea and the fruitiness of the raspberry make for a nice light and mild taste. 

You may add a little bit of milk if you wish, but you must request for the unsweetened iced tea version.

12. Iced Macchiato

Two shots of espresso are used to make Dunkin’ Donuts iced macchiatos. For something more interesting, add a vanilla or hazelnut taste shot.

What Low Carb Sweeteners Can I Use at Dunkin? 

If you have a sweet tooth, it is ideal to bring your own bottle of stevia drops.

Still, Dunkin’ includes Splenda packets, which are technically sugar-free but include maltodextrin, an intermediate chemical that has the ability to cause blood sugar spikes.

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