7 Cheap Starbucks Drinks You Must Try Today

Have you tried breaking your coffee habit because of the expenses, but you just can’t let go of Starbucks? If you have, then there are many cheap Starbucks drinks you can try. These drinks are easy on the pocket and guarantee you can have your morning coffee without breaking the bank. So, if you are looking for affordable Starbucks drinks, you are in the right place. Here is what you must know about them.

Top 7 Cheap Starbucks Drinks

Cheap Starbucks drinks are not a dream; you can enjoy these drinks for $3 or less for a grande cup. If you are at Starbucks, you can also pay with the Starbucks application to earn various Rewards. These rewards will allow you to redeem free drinks and coffee.

So, here are the cheapest Starbucks drinks you can try today:

1. Espresso Macchiato

Do you love your espresso but want it to be a little less bitter? If you do, then the Espresso Macchiato is the perfect drink for you. It is an espresso shot that comes with a small steamed milk dollop.

The best part is that you can choose from various sizes and prices. These include:

  • Solo Espresso Macchiato: Approximately $2.55
  • Doppio Espresso Macchiato: Approximately $2.75
  • Triple Espresso Macchiato: Approximately $3
  • Quad Espresso Macchiato: Approximately $3.35

Remember that these prices are subject to change. These are estimated prices you can expect at Starbucks for this specific drink.

2. Iced Tea

If you want to refresh yourself, there is nothing better to drink at Starbucks than Iced Tea. It is also one of the cheap Starbucks drinks that comes in many flavors. These include Passion Tango Iced Tea, Green Iced Tea, Black Iced Tea, and many others.

The estimated price of the grande cup of this Iced Tea is around $2.95. So, you can enjoy this without feeling guilty about spending money on Starbucks drinks.

3. Espresso

Did you know that you can enjoy the same amount of caffeine you get in grande drinks at Starbucks but at an incredibly low cost? The way to do this is to order a double shot of Espresso. Of course, the best part is that it is the cheapest drink you will find on the menu at Starbucks.

There are various options of Espresso drinks you can choose from. These include:

  • Solo Espresso of one shot and 0.75 oz of espresso: Approximately $2.45
  • Doppio Espresso of two shots and 1.5 oz of espresso: Approximately $2.65
  • Triple Espresso of three shots and 2.25 oz of espresso: Approximately $2.95
  • Quad Espresso of four shots and 3 oz of espresso: Approximately $3.25

4. Hot Brewed Coffee

Enjoy a steaming cup of coffee without breaking your budget at Starbucks. The baristas brew this coffee after every thirty minutes to ensure that it is fresh for everyone that orders it. Starbucks usually provides its customers with the Pike Place medium roast, decaf, blonde, and dark.

If you are a Reward member, you get a free refill of coffee during that visit. So, it will be even cheaper for you if you are a member. The approximate price of a Grande hot brewed coffee is $2.75.

5. Caffe Americano

Hot water and espresso shots are a Caffe Americano. These shots came come in decaf, blonde, or dark roast. The drink is bold and rich in flavor because it comes with three shots of espresso.

Of course, if you want that morning energy jolt, then this is the ideal cup of coffee for you to drink. The grande cup of this coffee only costs around $3.45.

6. Cold Brew

Did you know Starbucks slow steeps its cold brew for at least twenty hours in cold water so it can create one of its strongest drinks on the menu? However, it is also flavorful and smooth, and easy on the palate so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. You can also order it without the vanilla foam to keep your budget in check.

The approximate price of a grande cold brew is around $3.95. So, if you want a refreshing yet energetic drink, don’t forget to order this one from the menu.

7. Hot Chocolate

If you want to stay within your coffee budget in winter, you can order the hot chocolate. It is one of the cheapest Starbucks drinks as the grande cup is only $3.75. Besides that, you get to enjoy a cup full of chocolatey goodness that will warm your insides on a harsh winter day.

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