Best Americano Drinks At Starbucks – Our Top 6 Options

Starbucks is a famous coffeehouse around the globe because of its flavorful beverages. Their coffees, cold brews, and lattes are exceptional and will enrich your taste buds. The best part is that the place offers an extensive range of Americano drinks.

An Americano is a classic drink that most customers buy in the morning to get a jolt of energy. However, Starbucks offers multiple options with special features to offer you a flavorful coffee.

What Are The Best Americano Drinks at Starbucks?

Here are the top six Americano drinks you will encounter at Starbucks:

Caffe Americano Starbucks

Caffe Americano Starbucks is the most famous Americano of this coffeehouse. Espresso shots with a crema layer are added to cold water and served with ice.

So you will receive a flavorful cup with low calories to maintain your healthy diet.

It is the best drink to enjoy on a hot summer day to beat the heat. The best part is you can also personalize the coffee by asking the barista to add an additional shot. This will allow you to enjoy the best energy boost.

A splash of coconut milk or asking for ristretto shots will also help you enhance your Caffe Americano Starbucks.

Vanilla Americano

Vanilla Americano is another version that will help you enjoy rich flavors. The drink is made like a standard Americano, but the barista will also add some vanilla syrup. This main ingredient helps the beverage stand out on Starbucks’ menu.

The vanilla addition will dilute the coffee’s taste if you find Americano bitter. It will help you enjoy the drink with a hint of sweetness. The best part is that the vanilla syrup does not overpower the original flavor of the Americano.

So you can enjoy an original cup of joe without breaking your bank or compromising on the taste.

Chestnut Americano

Chestnut is another flavored syrup you will encounter at Starbucks. The barista will make an original Americano and add this ingredient to the drink. This will enhance the beverage to offer the perfect combination of earthy chestnut taste and subtle Americano flavor.

However, you must ensure that you have tried an Americano before getting this drink. Every person has a different affinity for this coffee, so you must like it to enjoy it to the best. This hot beverage is the perfect option to enjoy during the holidays.

You can get the cup on the go and enjoy the beverage around a fireplace. It will help you fight the cold while experiencing an amazing taste.

Iced Hazelnut Americano

Not every individual love hot Americano, especially during summers. That is where the Iced Hazelnut version of this drink will help you. The beverage is made by adding espresso shots to cold water and served with a good amount of ice.

The best part is that the drink will have a refreshing taste to give you an energy boost. You can also specialize the drink with various additions for more flavors. Two pumps of brown sugar are best if you want a sweeter taste without increasing the calories significantly.

A splash of milk is also advisable for a better taste. You can also make this coffee at home by using Starbucks’ espressos.

Crème Caramel Iced Americano

This Americano is mainly for those who love caramel beverages such as caramel frappes. The drink is mainly made with two ounces of half and half mix and chilled espresso shots. It is served with ice to help you beat the summer heat effectively.

The main show-stealer of this beverage is the caramel syrup that will make the drink heavenly good. You may also ask for a pump of dark caramel sauce if you want to enjoy an overpowering caramel flavor. Personalizing the drink with shots other than espresso shots will also help.

Caffe Americano Misto

Caffe Americano Misto is a handcrafted drink that will enlighten your taste buds. It is made by adding an espresso shot to hot water and forming a mixture. Steamed milk is also added to offer a unique Americano version.

This drink is mainly for those who love to enjoy coffees instead of having them in the morning for an energy boost. It is also suitable for those who prefer caffeinated beverages with milk. You can also personalize the drink by getting special additions.

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