Why Use Enamel Mugs? 11 Incredible Reasons

Enamel mugs are highly durable, but what else makes them so unique? Enamel mugs don't get chipped like other cups, they won't rust, and the enamel coating means you can microwave them to keep your drinks warm for longer!

Why Use Enamel Mugs?

Use this guide to check out 11 more reasons to use enamel mugs:

Neutral to Your Drinks

The enamel covering is flavorless and does not absorb or leach flavors into the drink. Your drink tastes more natural, and the subtle nuances are more noticeable.

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Durable and Shatterproof

Enamel mugs are durable and long-lasting since they are difficult to break or crack. Aside from possible enamel finish chipping, dropping an enamel mug causes no significant damage.

They’re ideal for long-time usage because enamel mugs are resistant to corrosion from acids and bases; the acids in coffee will not harm them.

Fine Finish and Attractive Colors

Materials are iron or steel, then dipped in liquid enamel and baked in a kiln at a high temperature. The enamel glaze protects the surface against rust and gives it a refined appearance.

It also aids in the distribution of heat across the mug’s surface.


Compared to ceramics and double-walled glass mugs, enamel mugs are very light. You can wrap a couple of them in your rucksack and throw them in your backpack for trekking or hunting.

Direct Heating

Enamel mugs can be used over a fire without destroying the structure or finish, whether on an induction cooktop, gas stove, campfire, or fire pit. The mug may become sooty, but cleaning it should be simple.

It can heat coffee on the stovetop or boil water for brewing coffee. You can also warm your cold brew over an open fire in an enamel mug.


For the price of one ceramic or insulated stainless steel mug, you may easily buy a set of six enamel mugs. Enamel mugs are cost-effective, especially when purchasing a few for a party.

Coleman 10 Ounce Enamelware Coffee Mug (Blue)

Dishwasher Safe

You can wash enamel coffee cups in the dishwasher. However, you should leave some space between them to avoid colliding and chipping.

They’re also simple to clean by hand. Most stains on enamel mugs will come out with soapy water, but You can remove persistent stains with baking soda.

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Great for Outdoor Expeditions

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You should avoid bringing a ceramic or glass mug on a hunting or camping excursion. Enamel mugs have a cowboy vibe to them, and their adaptability, shatter resistance, and light weight makes them great for outdoor adventures.

Sipping Comfort

It has rolling rims to protect your lips when drinking.


A few chippings enhance the ‘cowboyish’ feel of it. Excessive chipping is unappealing, but a few chips on the mug’s outside borders add character.

However, if the drink touches the chipped surface, avoid using the cup since you risk ingesting the chippings. Many minor flaws in the manufacturing process add to the character of the cup.


You can use enamel mugs in the fridge or freezer and on the stove. Extreme temperature changes on enamel mugs can damage them, so you should restore them to room temperature before freezing or using them over a fire.

How to Remove Stains from Enamel Mugs

Coffee and Tea can stain the enamel mug. The soot from the cups heated on the stove might also impair the outside walls. To remove soot and coffee stains off enamelware, use these steps:

  • In a mug, squeeze some lemon juice; if you don’t have any lemons, substitute water.
  • Mix in 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda to create a soft, nonabrasive pulp.
  • Spray the spots with the fizzing pulp. You can apply the baking soda with a nylon brush.
  • Allow 10-20 minutes for the mug to cool.
  • In freshwater, clean the cup with a soft sponge or cloth.
  • The cup should be rinsed and dried.

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Proper Care for Enamel Coffee Mugs

  • Avoid transferring enamel mugs from the fridge or freezer to the burner and back to avoid damage. Bring the cup to room temperature before using it over a fire or in the refrigerator. It would be better not to fill a heated enamel mug with cold water.
  • After cleaning, properly dry the enamel mugs to prevent rust in the chipped places.
  • It would be best not to heat empty enamel mugs since you might destroy the coating.
  • To avoid harming the layer, clean the cup with soft, nonabrasive cleaning tools.
  • When dishwashing, spread out the mugs to prevent collisions and chipping.
  • Remove stains as soon as possible to keep the mugs’ luster and a beautiful polish.
  • To avoid rubbing the enamel covering, use metal spoons and stirrers with caution in enamel mugs. Some enamelware makers recommend wooden and silicone stirrers.

Are Enamel Mugs Toxic?

Because the enamel coating is inert and heat-stable even at high temperatures, enamel mugs are non-toxic. Make sure the chipped components are without abrasion and clean. Drink from a different side of the glass that is not damaged.

However, replacing enamel mugs with damaged interiors would be beneficial because the exposed metal can leach some of its constituents into the drink.

The damaged coating may continue to chip, resulting in shards ingested with the drink. You can utilize the old mug as a planter or a pen holder in your home office.

Drawbacks to Using Enamel Mugs

  • Enamel mugs absorb heat from hot drinks, making them uncomfortable to handle or drink. They are readily capable of burning your lips and hands. It’s inconvenient to wait for the coffee to cool in the mug.
  • If there is a single chip in the mug’s interior, you should dispose of it.
  • Enamel mugs cool drinks faster than ceramic and insulated steel mugs.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of reasons to use enamel mugs. There are countless benefits to using these mugs, and they are a must-have accessory for home, work, or school.

We are sure you will be highly pleased with your purchase, and we’re confident that you will love our enamel mugs and the freedom it brings to life!

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