What Is A Long Shot At Starbucks?

Starbucks is one of the top coffee chains, which is why they have different types of espresso, flavors, cup sizes, and more. Of course, new variations also keep coming up as the chain expands. So, if you want to try some new things out the next time you are at Starbucks, you can try the ristretto or long shot.

Here is everything you need to know about what is a long shot at Starbucks.

What Is A Long Shot At Starbucks?

Let’s understand what a long shot at Starbucks is before we move on to anything else. To put it simply, a long shot espresso includes a shot of coffee over a hot water cup. The Italians are the ones that perfected the long-shot espresso for everyone else to enjoy.

Before, Italians only made cappuccino and espresso. However, when Americans began going to Italy, they would ask for a big black cup of coffee. This was not familiar to the baristas in Italy, as they were used to making small espresso shots.

Of course, they adapted to all the Americans pouring in by perfecting the long black coffee cup. In the beginning, Americans thought that this was too strong. That is when the Italian decreased the coffee strength by adding the espresso to some hot water.

What Is The Taste Of A Long Shot Espresso?

Now that you know what is a long shot at Starbucks, you might be wondering what it tastes like. Of course, the long shot can come in many variations, depending on your taste preference and diet requirement. That is because it can come with cold water, dairy, milk, non-dairy, plain, or cream.

Because the long shot has a lot of espressos, you will notice that the coffee flavor is incredibly strong. However, it also includes 80% water, which dulls and mutes that strong coffee flavor. Of course, the natural flavor of the coffee beans is still there throughout the espresso.

You will find that the long shot is a little stronger and has more caffeine than your average cup of black coffee. So, you must brace yourself for an incredible caffeine boost as you indulge in the long-shot espresso.

The Guide To Making A Long Shot

Are you wondering how to make a long-shot espresso? If you are, you must remember that it is incredibly easy. Here are the steps you must follow to create the perfect long-shot espresso:

  • Fill any cup with 80% hot water
  • We recommend that you take any small or regular cup for this, but one between 150 and 200ml would be ideal
  • Grind your coffee beans in a portafilter
  • Tamp the grind once you level them off evenly
  • Insert the portafilter inside the coffee machine
  • Pull the coffee shot over the hot water cup

This is the easiest method of creating a long-shot espresso that you can follow at home. Of course, there is also another method that you can utilize to create a long-shot espresso. For example, you can pull the coffee shot into the cup first and then pour the hot water on top.

You can use any method you like. In the end, it comes down to your preference and what you find the easiest. Once you create it, you will love enjoying your long-shot espresso all-year round.

What Is The Difference Between Ristretto And Long Shot

Finally, you might be wondering the difference between long shot and ristretto. The difference lies in how they are produced and what they taste like. However, there is one similarity between them.

The similarity is that both these types of coffees will use the same amount of coffee grounds. Of course, the long shot has more water, which is why you will get a full mug of coffee when you drink it. On the other hand, the ristretto is a smaller shot with the same amount of coffee grounds.

In the end, it depends on what you prefer and what you want your coffee to taste like. Once you find the perfect coffee type for yourself, you can enjoy it for a long time to come to Starbucks and other similar coffee chains.

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