What Are Java Chips Made Of?

When getting blended drinks, from the flavors to the toppings, you encounter countless options to choose from. Sometimes it can be challenging to decide the flavor, but that can be dealt with. However, choosing the topping that would go best with your drink is the real challenge.

When facing such a challenge, Java chips are the best ones. No matter what blended drink it is, java chips go with everyone and is the best topping you have to try.

You may have seen java chips but always thought about what they are. Keep reading all you will get to know everything there is to know about java chips.

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What Are Java Chips?

Resembling coffee nibs, java chips are not even close to coffee. Yes, we understand that the word “Java” may make you think it is coffee nibs, but that is not the case.

Java chips are specially made for blended drinks such as Frappuccino or iced coffee.

What Are Java Chips Made of?

Every manufacturer has their recipe for java chips. They may look the same but may taste different due to various ingredients.

For example, Starbucks uses cookie crumbs with a chocolate coating. But you may not get to see the same java chips at other coffee shops.

Majorly java chips are made up of using chocolate as the base, but the additional ingredients matter. Therefore, it would be a good experience trying java chips from various places to decide which one has the best.

What Is A Java Chip Frappuccino?

Many people confuse java chips with java chips and Frappuccino, but there is a difference between them. To sweeten your taste buds, Java chips are the topping you can add to a drink.

On the other hand, java chip Frappuccino is a blended drink using java chips. In the Frappuccino, the java chips are also used as the topping. Therefore, always know if you the java chips as the flavor of your drink or just the topping.

Does Java Chips Have Caffeine?

Due to the name, many people think they are coffee nibs and contain caffeine. Therefore, many people try to avoid them to control their caffeine intake.

However, they are wrong as java chips are not made of coffee and don’t contain even a slight mg of caffeine. But the cocoa used in java chips may have theobromine similar to caffeine but lighter.

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What Are The Drink That Would Go Best With Java Chips?

Java chips are the best topping that goes best with every drink. You can add them to any drink you want. However, there are some drinks that you have to add java chips to get the best flavor. Below are some blended drinks that you have to add java chips as the topping.

S’mores Frappe is a perfect drink to add java chips too. So make sure whenever you visit Starbucks, order this frappe to treat yourself. The blend of cold brew, ice, and mil with java chips will enlighten your taste buds.

Peanut Butter is a recently launched blended drink at Starbucks. In no time, the peanut butter frappe received immense love from people worldwide. The addition of java chips to this frappe makes it richer. This is a must-try.

Chocolate cookie crumbles frappe is one of the best-selling blended drinks at Starbucks. The java chips make a perfect combination with this drink with the hit of strong coffee. If this drink was already your favorite one, why don’t you try adding java chips to improve the flavor of your favorite drink?

These are the top three frappes you can get from Starbucks. The addition of java chips is something one should experience.

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Can You Use Java Chips In Something Other Than Drinks?

If you love java chips, it shouldn’t end till frappes. Java chips are something that you can add to any dessert. Not only blended drinks, but there are various other options of things you add java chips to.

Ice cream is one of the top desserts you have to try java chips with. Be it coffee ice cream or a plain vanilla bean, the java chips are a topping that you have to add.

Other than ice cream, you can also try java chips in smoothies or ice cream sundaes. In addition, java chips can be an option of toppings to add in shakes.

The java chips are something that may look like small nibs, but they add an entirely different unique flavor to your dessert and drinks. So don’t forget to try them.

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