Upside Down Espresso Shot By Starbucks: What You Must Know

Starbucks offers many espresso options to customers of various sizes and roasts. You can select from any of these shots and sizes, depending on what you prefer. An upside-down espresso shot is also one of the most popular shots you can order. You are in the right place if you want to bring a twist to your espresso shot order at Starbucks. Here is what you must know.

What Are The Different Espresso Shot Sizes At Starbucks?

Starbucks offers four unique sizes to its customers for espresso shots. These include solo, doppio (two), triple, and quad (four). As a general rule of thumb, the solo espresso shot at Starbucks has different content, depending on the size:

  • Solo Espresso Shot: 0.75 fluid ounces of espresso
  • Doppio: 1.5 fluid ounces of espresso
  • Triple: 2.25 fluid ounces of espresso
  • Quad: Three fluid ounces of espresso

Remember that the number of espresso shots inside a drink will depend on the recipe of the drink and the cup size. That is why you must keep these in mind before you order any drink at Starbucks.

What Type Of Roast Does Starbucks Use In Their Espresso Shot?

All the typical Starbucks drinks will have the Signature espresso roast that Starbucks offers. Besides, a standard roast pull will be between 18 and 23 seconds. Of course, if you customize your order, then the roast and timing can vary.

The roast and shot type will also affect the caffeine amount included in each shot. You can select from various roasts such as decaf, blonde, or dark. You can also select from various shot types, such as long, Ristretto, and regular.

A typical espresso shot at Starbucks with their signature roast includes at least 75mg of caffeine. On the other hand, the decaf roast has less than 10mg, and the blonde roast has 85mg of caffeine. So, you can select any of these options depending on your preference.

What Is The Upside Down Espresso Shot By Starbucks?

If you have ordered an espresso drink from the Starbucks app, then they have a shot preparation section, which includes the upside down option you can opt for. Selecting this shot means that your espresso drink will be made in reverse and not the standard way. That means that the barista will pour the espresso shot on top of the milk rather than before the milk.

The most popular and common upside down espresso shot is used in caramel macchiatos at Starbucks. The upside down version of this drink begins with a caramel sauce and ends with vanilla. So, you can order the upside down versions of espresso shots for may drinks.

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What Are The Different Types Of Espresso Shots At Starbucks?

Starbucks offers different types of espresso shots you can opt for. These include:

1. Standard Or Regular Shot

The standard espresso shot takes between seventeen and twenty-one seconds to pull. It creates an espresso shot of 0.75 oz and contains at least 75mg of caffeine. That is why it is ideal for people looking for their regular morning jolt.

2. Ristretto Shot

The Ristretto shot at Starbucks is also known as the short shot. The reason it is called this is that it is made with less water and extraction time. For example, the Ristretto shot can take at least fourteen seconds to come out.

Besides that, the volume of the shot will be relatively less, but it will offer a highly concentrated flavor. Besides that, it also includes less caffeine than the regular shot. Remember that all the flat white drinks at Starbucks are made with a Ristretto shot.

3. Long Shot

Finally, there is the long shot that you can opt for in your Starbucks espresso drink. Such a shot utilizes more water, and it also has a high extraction time. For example, the long shot can take almost fifty seconds to come out, hence the name.

Many people have this misconception that because the long-shot takes time to come out, it will be quite bitter. However, that could not be further from the truth, as there is a lot of water content inside the long shot. Because of this, it will taste even weaker than the standard shot.

Of course, the taste will also depend on the roast you want for your espresso drink. Once you select all these options, you will have the perfect drink that will give you the flavor you need in your coffee.

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