How toMake The Skinny Vanilla Latte Starbucks At Home

If you drink lots of coffee, you know how the calories can add up to your daily routine. If you are looking to lower the fat content, then the skinny vanilla latte Starbucks is the ideal choice. The best part is that you can recreate this recipe even from the comfort of your home. So, if you want to enjoy some skinny vanilla latte, here is everything you must know.

What is The Skinny Vanilla Latte From Starbucks?

If you have ever had a regular vanilla latte at the coffee chain, then this is a modified version with less fat. For example, the regular vanilla latte at Starbucks is made using steamed milk, vanilla syrup, and two shots of espresso. Of course, that is not the case for the skinny vanilla latte Starbucks.

Instead, the skinny version includes sugar-free vanilla syrup and non-fat milk, with two espresso shots. Because of this modification, you will receive less sugar, fats, and calories. However, the espresso content will be the same, which means you get all the goodness of the coffee.

Remember that if you want to keep this drink in stock at home, Starbucks also sells bottled versions of this flavor. You will find this drink in Target and other such big chain stores. Of course, it is not as fresh as the store version, but it is close.

How To Make The Skinny Vanilla Latte Starbucks At Home?

If you want to save your money and time, you can make the skinny vanilla latte at home in under ten minutes. You will need:

  • Four tablespoons of sugar-free vanilla syrup
  • One cup of non-fat milk
  • Two shots of espresso

Once you have these ingredients, it is time to recreate the Starbucks recipe. Here are the steps you can follow for this recipe:

1. Prepare the espresso.

2. Brew two shots of espresso and keep them aside.

3. Take a small saucepan and pour the sugar-free vanilla syrup and the non-fat milk.

4. Turn on medium heat and keep stirring to bring the ingredients together. Let this mixture warm up for three to four minutes, but ensure that it doesn’t boil.

5. Pour the milk into your coffee cup.

6. Use an immersion blender or handheld frother to froth the milk.

7. Add the espresso shots.

8. Add low-fat whipped cream (optional).

These are the steps you can follow to create the skinny vanilla latte Starbucks at home. Be sure to use high-quality ingredients to enjoy the best taste in no time.

What Is The Calorie Content Of The Skinny Vanilla Latte Starbucks?

It is important to understand the calorie content of the skinny vanilla latte Starbucks so that you don’t take in too many calories. The standard 12-ounce latte has at least two hundred calories. Remember that most of these calories come from the fat and sugar content in the drink.

On the other hand, the bottled version is also twelve ounces. However, the calories in that skinny vanilla latte are 100. Most of these calories come from the non-fat milk present inside.

Of course, if you recreate this recipe at home, it will have even fewer calories because the sugar and fat content will be lower. So, if you are looking to add a healthy yet delicious drink to your diet, then you can make the skinny vanilla latte at home.

The Top Tips To Ensure Your Latte Is Skinny

If you are looking to lower your sugar, fat, and calorie content, then you must follow a few tips to keep your latte skinny. Here are the top tips you can implement when creating your drink:

1. Avoid All Toppings

The best thing you can do to keep your latte skinny is to avoid all toppings. These include whipped cream, chocolate drizzle or sauces, and much more. The more toppings you add, the higher the calorie content will be, and it will defeat the purpose of the skinny latte.

2. Use Plant-Based Milk

If you like the flavor of plant-based milk, then you can opt for almond or oat milk. However, the former milk has lower calories than oat milk. We recommend that you stick to almond milk as it is low-fat and has the lowest calories out of all the plant-based milk.

3. Opt For The Iced Skinny Latte

If you want to save calories, you can also opt for the iced skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks. It has a hundred calories and will offer you the same taste. You can also opt for the bottled version in stores.

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