Moka Pot vs Turkish Coffee – Full Comparison & My Honest Opinion

If you're debating Moka pot vs Turkish coffee for making coffee, you may be wondering what makes them different from one another. After all, coffee is coffee, right? How coffee is made plays a big part in how it will taste.
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What is the Real Difference Between These Brews Moka Pot & Turkish Coffee?

There are so many different ways to make a morning cup of coffee, it’s no surprise if you’re not sure which method will leave you with the tastiest brew in your cup. Two different ways of making coffee that have caught a lot of people’s attention lately are Moka pot and Turkish coffee. What are these different types of coffee?

The Moka pot makes a strong cup of coffee by boiling water and passing it through a filter with coffee grounds. While Turkish coffee combines water and ground coffee beans, bringing it to a point of frothing.

Moka pot vs Turkish coffee

It’s not unheard of for people to get Moka pot coffee and Turkish coffee confused with one another, or even be under the impression that they make the same type of coffee. Both methods make a strong and bold cup of coffee, however, the coffee brewed in a Moka pot is more similar to an espresso. 

When it comes to Moka pot vs Turkish coffee, the real difference lays within the water temperature. For Moka pot coffee, the water is brought to a boiling point before it passes through the ground coffee beans. Turkish coffee is different because the water and ground coffee beans are brought to a frothing stage, which is just below the temperature point of boiling.

All about Moka pot coffee

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The Moka pot is very similar to percolator coffee because the hot water passes through the coffee grounds. This method of making coffee is unique because there is one chamber to place coffee grounds in and a separate chamber to put the water in. To make the coffee, you place the Moka pot on a stovetop and heat the water to boiling.

Once the water starts to heat up, it will create pressure in the chamber. This pressure is basically what makes the Moka pot coffee. As the pressure gets more intense, the water starts moving from the chamber it’s into the area with the coffee grounds. Your coffee will be ready once the boiling water has moved through the coffee grounds.

This method of brewing coffee creates one of the strongest brews. While it’s not classified as an espresso, the taste of Moka pot coffee compare to other methods is the most similar. Since Moka pot is highly concentrated, it’s recommended to only drink a small amount at a time. 

All about Turkish coffee

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Turkish coffee is another method of making coffee that allows you to get a nice strong brew. However, this blend isn’t quite as strong and concentrated as the coffee made in a Moka pot. The traditional pot to make Turkish coffee in is called a cezve, but nearly any pot is suitable for making Turkish coffee.

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To make Turkish coffee, you must grind the coffee beans up as fine as possible. These coffee grounds will be brewed directly in the water, so it’s important that there are no bigger fragments of coffee beans. Ideally, the coffee beans should be ground to a powder state if possible. It is also common for people to add spices, such as cardamom when making Turkish coffee, but this is optional.  

The coffee grounds and the water will be heated up in the pot until the mixture reaches a temperature just below boiling. It will have a frothy look when the coffee is ready. Turkish coffee can be poured directly from the pot to the cups. It’s okay to leave the grounds in because any leftover ground will sink to the bottom of the cup. 

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Which is better? Moka pot vs Turkish coffee

Both coffees are rich and bold in flavor, and well-loved methods if you enjoy drinking a strong cup of coffee. However, neither one is better than the other. Many coffee drinkers could benefit from learning how to make both types. Moka pot will be better when you are in the mood for an espresso-style drink, while Turkish coffee is better for a standard cup of coffee.

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