Moka Pot VS. Hario V60: The Battle For Coffee

There are so many coffee machines on the market these days, but luckily we at are experts in deciphering which ones are really good. And we have chosen to look at the Moka Pot and the Hario V60
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Dogs might be a man’s best friend, but coffee is definitely a close second. The delight you get from having a steaming mug of your favorite coffee just before your day begins is unmatched. And when the coffee is perfect, everything else just feels great, and the whole day feels like it’d be perfect too. If you want your coffee (and your day) to be perfect, then you’re going to need a high-quality coffee maker. There are so many coffee machines on the market these days, but luckily we, the are THE experts in deciphering which ones are really good. In this post we’ll look at the Moka Pot and the Hario V60

Moka Pot vs. Hario V60 – Main Differences

The design, mode of operation, and materials used to create these two coffee makers are vastly different, and this affects the type of coffee that each of them produces. The coffee is brewed in a pot using the Moka coffee maker, whereas there are pots or machines used in the Hario V60. They both have their unique features, benefits, and disadvantages that come with using them, and we’ll break them down for you. 

The Moka Pot

  • The Moka Pot uses steam pressure to push boiling water to where the coffee grounds, and that is how the coffee is produced.
  • The Moka Pot is made up of three chambers – the bottom chamber where water is kept, the middle chamber where the coffee grounds are located, and the top chamber which is empty to accommodate the coffee that will be spouted and poured out.
  • The Moka Pot is very popular in Italy, Europe, and many Mediterranean countries.
  • When it is brewed optimally, the Moka pot produces a strong, dark, intense cup of coffee. 
  • It is the closest you can get to espresso without a strong espresso machine. 
  • The Moka Pot gives you coffee with no foam or just a thin one. 

Hario V60

Hario V60 Coffee Pour Over Kit Bundle Set - Comes with Ceramic Dripper, Range Server Glass Pot, Measuring Spoon, and 100 Count Package of Hario 02W Coffee Filters

  • The V60 is growing exponentially in popularity, and it brews coffee with a very clear flavor and aroma. 
  • The name of the coffee maker comes from its shape which is the letter “V”, and it is shaped with an angle of 60 degrees. 
  • There is a filter paper inserted into the V shape, and the coffee grounds are put inside this filter paper. 
  • The V60 Coffee maker comes in plastic, glass, ceramic, and metal styles depending on your budget and the purpose you have for it. 
  • The Hario V60 is great for preventing any unwanted sediment from entering your drink during the brewing process. 
DIfferenceMoka PotHario V60
Type of BrewPressured PercolationPercolation
Grind SizeFIneMedium-Fine to Medium-Coarse
Coffee typeRich, strong, and full bodiedClean, crisp, and high-flavored
Time takenLess than 5 minutesWithin 3 minutes

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Moka Pot vs. Hario V60: Which one is better?

Brewing coffee in these two coffee makers involves very different procedures. When you use the Moka pot, the coffee is produced through heat and pressure. The pressure of steam in the bottom chamber pushes the water into the middle chamber where the coffee grounds are located. This then causes the coffee brew to rise to the top chamber through a connecting tube, after which you can simply pour your coffee out. 

When you make coffee with the V60 however, you will have a lot more control over the water temperature and the strength of the brew you’re making. You simply put your coffee grounds into the filter, bloom the coffee, and then pour water over the grounds carefully. The coffee brew will then drip gradually into a cup or carafe. 

Several features set these coffee makers apart, and these include:

1. Quality of coffee: The coffee in the Hario V60 is brewed without using any machines or pots so they are made by humans. This means there is room for error, and the coffee might taste differently on another day. With the Moka Pot, however, the brew is made using a pot so you will get a consistent quality for as long as you use it optimally.

2. Cleaning: The Moka Pot is made up of three different chambers which each have to be cleaned separately and thoroughly. With the Hario V60, you simply need to rinse the brewing device and the cup or carafe.

3. Coffee grind: When you use a Moka pot, it is best to use a finer coffee grind, whereas you can use a medium to medium-coarse grind with the Hario V60.

4. Filtration: The Moka Pot uses a metal filter and this allows some oil and sediments to enter the final brew. That gives it an earthier, stronger, and fuller flavor. However, the Hario V60 uses a paper filer which traps more oils and sediment and this gives a cleaner, smoother, and sweeter cup of coffee.

5. Ease of Use: Using the Moka Pot is much easier than using the Hario V60 because you don’t need to learn pouring techniques, and you don’t need to weigh your water or coffee grounds. 

With these differences listed, it is obvious to see that anyone that prefers a strong, full-flavored brew should go for the Moka Pot. Moka Pots are also very durable and great for camping or traveling. Moka Pots give you consistent coffee brews, and you don’t need to spend extra on buying paper filters.

With the Hario V60, there is a certain sense of satisfaction that comes with brewing a cup of joe. You have far more control over the brewing process as you control the temperature and water level. It is great for anyone who prefers a lighter, sweeter cup of coffee.

Moka Pot vs. Hario V60 – The Final Verdict

The Moka Pot should be your choice if you like an espresso-like coffee, and it is a far more practical option than the V60. However, if you’ve got a sweet tooth and can’t deal with the bitter taste that comes with the Moka’s coffee, then the Hario V60 will offer you a much sweeter alternative. We hope this will help you make a good decision about which coffee maker will suit you best. 

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