Cortado vs Latte: Highlighting the Differences

Even though baristas have a hard time keeping up with the hundreds of milk and coffee beverages, it's nearly impossible for them to keep up. Latte is still a popular drink. Cortados, on the other hand, are somewhat lesser known. Cortado is not just a fancy name for a latte. Cortado is far more than that, so we'll go deep to explain the distinctions between Cortado and Latte.

Cortado vs Latte

What exactly are you getting between Cortado and a latte? We’ve organized the similarities and distinctions so you know what you’re getting when ordering one of the two beverages. As a result, you’ll be able to instruct your barista precisely how you want your coffee prepared.


Cortado has a richer brown tone due to the higher amount of espresso in it, making it one of the easiest ways to distinguish between versions. It’s served in a glass tumbler with a delicate foam layer on top. Latte is served in a cup with less foam and has a lighter tan color.


You already know what to anticipate from a coffee and milk combination. While both beverages are milky, the Cortado has a stronger coffee flavor with undertones of sweetness from the milk. The Latte has a milder coffee taste and is sweeter because to the greater volume of milk.


The espresso blends are identical, but the amount of milk varies. Cortado contains one to two espresso shots and the same proportion of steamed milk as a Latte. The higher volume of milk in a Latte causes it to be more foamable than Cortado.


Lattes come in many different volumes; some 8 to 12 oz, while others are larger. It’s larger since it contains more milk. Cortados are shorter and available in one size only, usually a 4.5 oz cup. Because they’re a 1:1 ratio, they can’t be any bigger.

What is a Latte?

Lattes are a typical Italian coffee drink made with espresso shots and a lot of steamed milk. The frothing of the steamed milk is modest, leading to a microfoam layer that sits on top of the cup.

The size of the drink ranges from 6 to 20 ounces. Depending on how much caffeine you need, you may order a latte with one to three shots of espresso.

Lattes are appealing because they combine the strong espresso flavor with a lot of smooth, creamy milk to make a smooth espresso taste. You may also add a variety of flavored syrups to help you create exactly what you want. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try ordering a caramel or peppermint latte!

What is a Cortado?

Espresso is a very popular drink in Spain, where it originated. It’s named for its distinctive shape, which resembles the letter C.

In Spanish, “cortado” means “cut,” and this beverage is made by cutting an espresso shot with steamed milk. It’s simply espresso and steamed milk with no additions of other ingredients or sugar.

For example, instead of placing 1 ounce of espresso and two to three ounces of milk in your cup, you might use a single shot (15 ml) of espresso with two to three parts milk. This makes the drink approximately three or four ounces total. The taste is strong but milky.

The cortado may be made with or without foam. The Spanish are opposed to the Italians when it comes to how much foam is used in coffee beverages. This less frothed milk provides a smooth texture and an ideal balance between the espresso and milk.

Cortado vs Latte: FAQs

What Does Starbucks Call a Cortado?

Starbucks does not sell Cortado or Gibraltar. Their drinks, on the other hand, are highly adaptable, so you may request for a short triple latte or espresso doppio with an equal amount of steamed milk. Boutique cafés are a better alternative for this sort of coffee.

Why Is a Cortado Served in a Glass?

In the United States, the first cafe to popularize Cortado used a Gibraltar glass to make it, so it was eventually named after the glass. For decades, it has followed the procedure of serving coffee. At some restaurants, you won’t be able to get a cortado, but if the meal includes Gibraltar on the menu, go for it.

Is a Cortado a Small Latte?

A Cortado is not a little coffee. The ratio of espresso to milk in a Cortado differs from that of a latte, and lattes are rarely available in quantities larger than 4.5 oz. The amount of liquid served and the glass may initially appear to be the same as the piccolo latte.

Is Cortado Stronger Than Latte?

The difference between these coffees is that the cortado has a stronger coffee taste and is smaller in volume, while the latte will be significantly bigger and milk-forward.

Is a Cortado Just a Small Latte?

Cortados are a mix of steamed milk and espresso, but they could have no foam or just a little amount of microfoam. Lattes, on the other hand, include considerably more steamed milk and almost always have a solid layer of microfoam added to them.

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