The low-cost process of creating a coffee shop logo

While hiring a design agency to create your coffee shop logo may be the best way to do it, Budget needs to be considered, and if you are looking for a low- cost or even a free way to create your coffee shop logo you are in the right place.

But wait! before grabbing the first logo with a cup and a coffee bean online for your brand new Coffee Shop you may want to hold it till you read my Do’s and Don’ts when creating your coffee shop logo

Part 1: Branding

Don’t start with a logo. 

First think about the values you wish your brand will convey.

What colors would match those values?

It is common  to design logos for coffee shops in warm colors, not to mention browns, but who said these are the colors that match your brand values? Starbucks logo is green. Costa Coffee is wine red or ‘costa red’ as some people say (or pantone 209c if you ask me) and the Lavazza brand is blue

Here’s a question I often ask my clients – If your brand was an animal – what was it? Was it a fox? A bird? A lion? Bringing this insight to the design table could be very helpful, expressing the colors and energy in the logo.  In fact, some clients fall in love with that idea, and we are actually using the animal as part of the logo. Think about it – a ‘foxy’, a rooster or a ‘crazy cat’ coffee shop logo – what does it tell you about the place?

Now, thinking about an animal with regard to your coffee shop doesn’t mean the name of the place or the logo symbol has to include that animal, and even if you’re using a ‘crazy cat’ symbol, the coffee shop name doesn’t need to be “the crazy cat coffee shop”.

The 20-20-20 Rule

As you are working on the most suitable coffee shop logo keep in mind it should pass the 20-20-20 test: how will it work as an outdoor sign for those who will view it from far (20 meters). How will it work as part of your menu (20 cm), and if you show a couple of strangers your logo and ask them to give whatever words come to their minds, after collecting 20 words – do you find those words align with your brand?

Do you need the symbol?

Many times when thinking about coffee shop logos ideas it is easy to underestimate the power of typography. Sometimes keeping it simple with a fine typographic treatment will take your brand a log way

Part 2: DIY Logo

Create your coffee shop logo by yourself – Make it easy, fast & Free (or almost free)

Yes! It is possible to DIY or if to quote “Create your own logo for free in just a few minutes” and truly enough I created in seconds a cute coffee shop logo. Modifying the logo was a little tricky, but it was fun. There are other similar free sites that will assist you to create your own logo such as that assist you to “Make a logo for your business or event in 3 easy steps”, 

Another free-fast logo maker tool is:, which helps you make a logo design online or browse thousands of premium logos for sale. 

And lastly (more about the amazing Fiverr in just a bit) – which helps you make a professional logo in a few clicks, but the difference here is that after arranging the logo the way you like it, you continue finalizing it with a professional designer.

I could recommend these logo creators tools in the process of arranging your coffee shop logo ideas, and if you’re talented enough you may succeed in creating something amazing.

Just keep in mind that usually the free versions come in the cost of watermarks or really low res images

Look Mom, I Created a Logo

Canva – DIY like a pro (but free)

Canva ( Launched in 2013) is an  an online design tool with a drag & drop interface and many features that even with the free version your logo design process will feel like ‘walking in the park’.

The big advantage with Canva is that you can use it as a legit creative tool to create your social posts &banners – Canva lets you stand out from the crowd with eye-popping Facebook ads, covers, posts and stories. You can also use it to create business cards, brochures, flyers and even graphics for a custom mug for your coffee shop – Everything you need for delightful and on-brand custom drinkware. Some of my clients using Canva to create their drafts, and so you can use it to create your coffee-shop logos drafts and then pass them on to a professional designer to create a real professional logo out of them.

Part 3 - work with professional designers using Fiverr

Let’s say you already know your coffee shop brand values and you have got some ideas regarding the brand colors, but you don’t trust yourself to create the logo itself and you want a professional designer to do it for you without paying a lot. 

If that’s the case, then Fiverr is the perfect freelance hub for your business. 

On you can search for a logo design or even be specific and look for “coffee shop logo design” and choose from the many – MANY results you get the perfect match. 

On my “coffee shop logo design” search I got 1,680 services available, starting at $5 for a  coffee shop logo design.  

Now all you need to do is look for the right freelance by checking their portfolio, and see what they’re offering. 

Will they offer one logo concept or more? will they create more concepts if you’re not happy with the results? How much time will it take them to deliver? will they create an original logo or do they use ready-made clip art? 

Can they use your draft as a reference (if you created any)? Will they deliver an editable logo so you can use it later on for your products? 

You can get answers to most of these questions just by checking the freelance gig page, and if not, you can easily contact the freelancer and ask. And please do ask, because you should know what you’ll get to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Fiverr is an awesome solution and I do recommend it as a low-cost solution, and not just for your coffee shop logo creation, you’ll find there great professional services to create your coffee-shop design accessories, the coffee-shop website, your SEO, and so on.

I hope you found this article helpful. Good luck in creating your Coffee shop logo
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